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Variscite in Matrix Dragon

Variscite in Matrix Dragon

15.5 cm
5.1 cm
6.2 cm
425 gram

Variscite in Matrix (from Utah, USA) Dragon

Variscite is a powerful stone that can help you let go of your most persuasive prejudices, it also helps to let go of negative thinking and bad habits, bringing clarity to thinking and calm to feeling, so that simple solutions to long-standing problems can be found. be found. Variscite helps you be yourself and don't pretend to be someone you are, it helps you find self-acceptance. It really is a stone that gives you a grip on your life when you feel that you have lost control. The energy of Variscite makes mentally clear and alert. It works uplifting and gives courage, hope and energy when a situation seems hopeless. It stimulates the heart chakra and brings unconditional love and understanding in all situations. This is a stone of encouragement that gives hope and courage and is very useful in case of illness and disability. Physically, the stone has a vitalizing effect and helps with fatigue complaints such as chronic fatigue.
In case of chronic fatigue, or spring fatigue, for example, it will help you to gain new energy.
Variscite brings head and heart more into balance.

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