“The skull on your shoulders is alive as you look at this website. It is the house of your consciousness, housing the eyes through which you look. If you look at a Skull in your hand from those eyes, Skull is looking at Skull - and vice versa. It makes that Skull a mirror of your soul and an amplifier of your intention. This way you can let your Skull offer everything you need at that moment in your development – comfort, insight, friendship, confrontation, knowledge, explanation, feelings, ancestors ... the possibilities are just as endless as you are. This intrigues me immensely when I bring a Skulpture to life, every time and always different.”

Ivo Manus, Skulptor

I am - Ivo Manus

Since 2010 artist Ivo Manus (Bogor 1963) has skulpted more than 4,000 Skulls, Dragons and Power Pendants from a wide variety of around 250 types of stones. Guardians worldwide appreciate his works for their beauty and spiritual qualities. No work is the same and despite the enormous production, Ivo works alone – from raw stone to the final finish. In doing so, he honors his signature ‘IM’ (pronounced as ‘I am’).

My Creative Timeline

1963 - 1986 – Creative on a daily base, informal and happily.

 – Military service / My Creativity died.

Spring 2007
 – My creativity rose from the dead, I started sculpting in clay and soapstone.

October 2010
 – Skulpted my very first Crystal Skull ever…. Peach Selenite.

December 2010
 – Skulpted my 19th Skull, my Master Skull BUKTUN the First.

March 2011
 – Skulpted my first Dragon in Steatite.

June 21st, 2011
 – Launched my website for my Manus Skulls

September 2011
 – Skulpted the first gathering of 12 Tribal Members.

May 1st, 2012
 – Officially started my new company Manus Skulls

January 2014
 – Skulpted my first Preseli Bluestone Skull.

December 9, 2016
 – Sold my first Skull on Etsy (Preseli Bluestone).

January 1st, 2017
 – Started signing: im.

March 1st, 2021
 – Started signing: IM.

 – Skulpted my first Monumental.

Febuary 10th. 2024
– Launched my new website www.manus-skulls.com.

Manus Skulptures all over the World

The thousands of Manus Skulptures have found Guardians all over the world. Together they form a worldwide grid of inspiration and JoY.

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Read the experciences of 36 Guardians of Skulls from the first 7 years of Ivo's career.

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