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Turquois Skull

Turquois Skull

3.9 cm
2.6 cm
4.2 cm
45 gram

Rare Armenië TURQUOIS Halo Manus SKULL .......

The stone helps to take life as it comes and to have faith in the future. It teaches you that everything has a reason and helps you on your way to self-actualization. A gemstone for balance, compassion and friendship and wants to help us understand the soul and the cycles of life. Turquoise brings balance, calms and provides inner peace. At the same time, however, it has a revitalizing effect. Depression, mood swings, apathy and panic attacks are tackled by the colorful stone. Victim attitude and destructive behavior are also right up the alley of this multifunctional healer. The stone has an insightful effect and thus helps to drive away these sick images. It provides creative solutions, empathy and romantic love.

Turquoise is pre-eminently a stone for spiritual growth. It helps the soul to express itself and explore past lives. The stone gives awareness of how the wearer ended up in situations and can also get out of them. It stimulates spiritual growth and teaches to trust one's own intuition. The crystal also protects against negative energy, radiation, external influences and substances. Turquoise balances the chakras.

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