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Tugtupite Conehead Skull UV

Tugtupite Conehead Skull UV

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9.7 cm
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7.6 cm
422 gram

X Large Tugtupite Manus Skull ..... the Original TUGTUPITE from Greenland!

2.1" wide x 4" long x 3"tall

Weighs 14.9 OZ (!!)

It comes with its great fluorescent properties. (Please see pics)

Tugtupite opens the heart and can bring up a lot this way. These can be positive emotions such as love, passion and passion, but also negative emotions such as deep emotional pain and sadness and anger. By allowing these emotions to surface, they can be expressed and processed so that emotional healing can take place. Because tugtupite moves so much, it can have a strong transformative effect. It is a good stone for people who want to worry and think less and let worries make way for a life, living from the Heart.

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