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Tsesite Skull

Tsesite Skull

7 cm
2.8 cm
5.3 cm
148 gram

Tsesite the gemstone from Namibia (near the village of Tses) can be considered a powerful harmonizing gemstone pur sang. Worn as a Talisman by various tribes (San and bushman) throughout history.

Although they do look like meteorites, they are not! It consists of goethite and limonite and is covered with a dark layer by desert lacquer weathering. Stimulates and activates, gives strength and helps to vigorously push through one's own wishes and ideas.

Tsesite is an excellent grounding stone and also one that can help us when we meditate by allowing us to breathe more deeply and attain a deeper meditation, it helps to bring deep-seated fears from current or past lives to the surface so that they can be processed. Tsesit has a calming effect on stress and insomnia.

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