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Sugilite ~Lavulite Tribal Pendant

Sugilite ~Lavulite Tribal Pendant

2,7 cm
1,7 cm
4,4 cm
21 gram

SUGILITE / LAVULITE Manus PENDANT Healing Guide Protector Chief Talisman Priest Druid Shaman Friend....

Sugilite protects the soul against shock, trauma and disappointment and helps you adapt to the earth vibration. It gives you a safe and calm feeling, making it easier for the higher self to descend. Sugilite thereby transforms all fears, veils and old pieces that still block you to develop full confidence to dare to let your own higher self-light descend to embody it. When you wear a piece of Sugilite you get a kind of "shield of light" around you that protects you powerfully. Sugilite brings light and love into dark situations, he represents spiritual love and wisdom. Sugilite relieves sadness and fear and encourages forgiveness, puts an end to hostility and encourages loving communication. It is also a stone that helps to remember dreams.
Let this Sugilite Manus Pendant become your BFF ..... it waits for You! ☺

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