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Stromatolite Dragon

Stromatolite Dragon

11.8 cm
8.5 cm
7 cm
651 gram

Morocco Stromatolites are a form of sedimentary rock that is often highly stratified and high in calcium. It arises because cyanobacteria (algae) capture and retain the sediment. These then form layer upon layer in a manner similar to how coral reefs form. This Moroccan Stromatolite is around 600 million years old.

Stromatolite is one of the first life forms on our planet that produced oxygen. Stromatolite contains eternal wisdom that helps you to extract information from the Akashic records, eg information from past lives, or glimpses into the future. The stone helps you learn from all your experiences, including those from past lives. Stromatolite has a nice soft energy and with a gentle hand Stromatolite makes you more resilient to all the challenges life offers you. It is a stone that connects you to the wisdom that is deep within you and thus Stromatolite helps you discover your own strength. If you are a little less firm and stable in life, then Stromatolite can give you that extra support.

Stromatolite is an earthy stone and ensures optimal energy management. It lifts energetic blockages in the body and reduces tensions stored in your system. Stromatolite is therefore a nice stone to carry with you when you are under a lot of stress.

Meditating with Stromatolite is a pleasure. The soft energy helps you to get into a meditative state and during meditation Stromatolite works as a kind of time traveler to take you to a distant past, the origin.

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