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Smokey QuartzTribal Pendant

Smokey QuartzTribal Pendant

2 cm
1,6 cm
6,1 cm
30 gram

A-Grade SMOKEY QUARTZ Himalayan Lemurian Crystal Tribal Guide Master Manus PENDANT ....

Smokey Quartz a good stone to wear in case of complaints related to stress and in stressful situations. The stone helps to relax, to let go and accept, resist stressful influences and provides mental strength. Smoky quartz also has a beneficial effect on anxiety (particularly fear of failure), nightmares, depression and suicidality. The stone stimulates a sober, pragmatic and positive attitude and promotes concentration. Smoke quartz is the stone of transformation. It will help you if major changes in your life are desired. This can be a change in behavior or a certain situation. Smoky quartz helps you to stop an addiction such as smoking, gambling or sweets. He also helps you make a new beginning such as moving house or a new job. Smoky quartz helps you to break old patterns. It'll gives you focus and helps you to make your dreams come true.

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