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Prophecy Stone Tribal pendant

Prophecy Stone Tribal pendant

1,6 cm
1.7 cm
4,4 cm
21 gram
Prophecy stone is a pseudomorph of marcasite. Originally marcasite with often beautiful shapes, which has been converted into goethite/hematite/limonite over millions of years.

This stone allows you to remove the walls of 'time' and see who you really are. Apart from development, apart from growth, but from the source and core of your own being. From here you can take a look at all the connections in the universe, with your Core, your Soul, your Being. Spiritually a very powerful stone and with its Alchemical power, it is one of the few stones capable of changing your NOW into your desired future... your Prophecy, your Being. The stone gives you insight into the bigger picture. It creates clarity regarding the Matrix in which you live.

This Tribal pendant symbolizes part of your ancient Knowing and
it clearly unravels the laws of duality for you, which you encounter on a daily level.
In short, a stone for the advanced Spiritual traveler, who is done judging and longs for insights.

Google for more information about this powerful stone!
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