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Preseli Bluestone Pendant with PBS slide bead

Preseli Bluestone Pendant with PBS slide bead

9.6 cm
2.1 cm
1.1 cm
27 gram

With its powerful electromagnetic charge (scientifically proven!) the Preseli Bluestone connects you to the core of the earth and ensures that you remain stable in the event of changes on the earth. He connects you with Merlin energy, with the accompanying mystical powers, it strengthens your psychic abilities.

On the one hand, this special stone can take you back in time to your distant history of ancestors, but it can also take you on a journey through the various Galactic fields, far into the future.

All in all, a magical stone that was not for nothing already recognized 5000 years ago in all its power and presence, by applying it in their mystical circle "Stonehenge".

Comes with an adjustable 2 mm thick black waxed cotton cord and original hand carved Preseli Bluestone slide bead, in a special black gift box.

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