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Preseli Bluestone Bird Skull Wand

Preseli Bluestone Bird Skull Wand

34.5 cm
3.6 cm
1.4 cm
165 gram

Preseli Bluestone wands are the most powerful wands I know. They can be used for healing or to manifest your dearest wishes in future …..

Every Healer should have one of these ….. they are tremendous in activating the energetic meridians …… even the smallest PBS wand is very effective, due to its electromagnetic radiation.

You can also use this wand for you own benefit, just lay down and put the wand in between your legs pointing out with its top point to your first chakra ….. this can be very up-lifting (providing you with loads of Earth energy), while turned over it can be used as a drain of negative, sick or overpowering energies.

Manifesting your dreams can be done and activated with any Preseli Bluestone wand ….. beware what you wish for ….. chances are they will come true!

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