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Prehnite Bird Skull Dragon

Prehnite Bird Skull Dragon

12 cm
7 cm
5.3 cm
502 gram

Prehnite promotes personal and spiritual growth, and calms restlessness, worry and nervousness. The stone helps you to stay here and now, so that you don't always fall back into negative imaginations and thoughts. It provides insight into yourself and helps to reduce avoidance behavior and self-defense mechanisms by clearing psychological baggage and allowing repressed experiences and emotions to surface.

The stone promotes love, tranquility, peace and healing in yourself and in your environment and can therefore be worn well by people who give healings. The stone also improves the senses and analytical thinking. Prehnite has a strong connection with nature. Spiritually it protects the aura, helps to visualize and make contact with guides and angels and is therefore a good stone to use when meditating.

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