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Pinolith Skull

Pinolith Skull

12.4 cm
6.9 cm
9.5 cm
1294 gram

Pinolite is a gray to black dolomite with carbon and inclusions of magnesite grains from the mountains in Obere Tauern, Austria. It has an interesting drawing, shapes reminiscent of pine seeds. Hence the name, pino - pine, lith - stone, pine stone. For many it also evokes the association of the well-known Edelweiss flower. Known deposits of this gem can be found in Austria and Canada.

Pinolite is a stone of truth, it learns to accept and face it without reservation. The truth is not always pleasant, but it is important not to lie. Pinolite removes illusions and pink glasses, it helps to see the causes. It relieves the negative emotions associated with knowing the truth and eliminates anxiety behaviors. Pinolite gives inspiration and makes you enterprising, it also makes you happy and gives a peaceful feeling. Very good for gloomy and jealous people who do not dare or cannot get to their feelings. It helps to let go of fears and to convert negativity into positivity and gives reassurance and confidence.

Pinolite is a stone of spiritual knowledge of yourself, it brings reconciliation and inner satisfaction. It is good for the mind and harmonizes the hemispheres of the brain and stimulates ideas. Causes a state of equilibrium.

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