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Pink White Dendrite Jasper Dragon

Pink White Dendrite Jasper Dragon

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12.5 cm
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7.2 cm
525 gram

Jasper is actually an opaque quartz type and occurs all over the world in various shapes and colors and combinations thereof. Each version has its own properties and qualities.

Jasper is an earthy and protective type of stone, it helps you stand up for yourself and gives you courage and decisiveness. Jasper helps you to realize an idea and to realize your goals.

Jasper also helps you stand up for yourself and gives courage, makes you resilient and assertive and reduces fear of conflicts. It makes sincere, honest, helpful and ensures balance in body, soul and spirit. The stone also promotes organizational skills, quick thinking and stimulates the imagination. Jasper absorbs negative energy and in this way protects against radiation, negative influences and environmental pollution.

In short, Jasper is a stone that should not be missing in any collection. His quality and influence applies broadly to all of us. Precisely in its simplicity, the stone forms a powerful foundation for all of humanity.

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