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Mariposite Dragon

Mariposite Dragon

17 cm
9.9 cm
13.5 cm
2441 gram

Mariposite will positively influence the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of your life.

Mariposite helps you to adapt more easily to new situations. It reduces stress and keeps you calm and balanced.

If there is an excess of energy in your body it helps you to discharge and if there is a shortage, so when you are exhausted it helps you recharge. Mariposite is a stone to express yourself creatively.

It will stimulate self-expression in your creative pursuits, which is why it should be considered as a power stone for creative and artistic persons.

This stone is also called "stone of the night" because it can help you to interpret dreams or visions.

He also balances Yin and Yang and supports us during heavy processes.

Good stone to meditate with. This crystal helps to remove negativity from all bodies, including the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional body.

The heart chakra, and the health of your heart, can be very much enhanced by Mariposite (!)

It also balances relationships and helps people work together. A very powerful and special stone.

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