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Libyan Desert Glass Face Skull

Libyan Desert Glass Face Skull

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4,5 cm
4,5 cm
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Libyan Desert Glass Face Skull ....

Libyan Desert Glass is a very spiritual stone with a strong connection to the energy of ancient Egypt. It is natural glass, created from molten sandstone. And it's around 28 million years old. The glass is found on the edge of the Libyan desert, in western Egypt. The color is white to yellow, and sometimes brownish or greenish.
The energy of this stone is powerful, sunny and warm and has an uplifting effect. It has an activating and protective effect on the solar plexus. By activating this chakra it promotes willpower, a self-esteem and helps to set limits and stand up for yourself. Libyan Desert Glass helps people who don't feel completely connected to the earth or who feel abandoned by their home planet. The stone protects highly intuitive people and healers against negative influences by closing the solar plexus against energy that should not be absorbed into the energy body. Libyan Desert Glass promotes self-realization and spiritual insights and growth. The spiritual effect has great similarities with the effect of Moldavite. Just like Moldavite, this stone transcends time, space and dimensions. It works as a protective amulet on every journey, both physically and metaphysically.
It helps to make contact with the energy and knowledge of ancient and extraterrestrial civilizations and with other dimensions and worlds. This makes the stone very suitable for use in meditation and astral travel.

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