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Large Yellow Turquois Serpentine DRAGON

Large Yellow Turquois Serpentine DRAGON

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Yellow Turquoise is actually a Jasper or Serpentine stone with webbings of Hematite.

It earned its name of Turquoise only because it looks like a Turquoise, and not really because it has the same Turquoise properties.

This stone is known as Yellow Turquoise because it occurs in the same mines as Turquoise and has the same matrix patterns.

Helps handle old grief. Helps you get over a "past" love. For shy people, for doubters. If one is deeply hurt in the heart, the yellow turquoise helps to regain confidence in new love. The yellow turquoise detoxifies the heart and gives joy again. Another feature of the yellow turquoise is that it protects the traveler.

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