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Large Preseli Bluestone Sword with Celtic symbols

Large Preseli Bluestone Sword with Celtic symbols

51 cm
11 cm
4.5 cm
1902 gram

Large Preseli Bluestone Sword / Dagger / Athame ....

This Preseli Bluestone sword is sculpted out of one single piece of Bluestone. It has been done with the utmost of passion, dedication and patience with an investment of many many hours of work. In front you see a gold gilded Awen Symbol with a Celtic knot of Love. At the back is a Spiral and a Triquetra. On top of the Sword there still is a part of the original outer layer of the Preseli Bluestone.

Great to use as decoration or for (pagan) rituals, healings and materializations. Although you need to be careful what to wish for! A wonderful and magical artefact .....

In all these years I have been carving, I have made only a few Swords / Daggers, and I don't expect many more to follow either.
Only suitable for those..... for whom this one is suitable. (!)
Please contact me if you have a question.

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