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Large Preseli Bluestone Dragon

Large Preseli Bluestone Dragon

42.5 cm
11 cm
14.2 cm
5857 gram

Only once in a long while I carve myself a stunning strong and pretty large PRESELI BLUESTONE Dragon ...... and to my taste ...... this is one of these moments that a Dragon like that came alive. Almost 6 kilo in weight with both on top and and rear still traces of the original outer layer crust of the rough boulder of Preseli Bluestone. With its large row of tusks and teeth, and inner power ...... it is ready to take care of you and to guide you through all the necessary steps you need to make, to achieve your goal! It will start with you at the beginning ..... and grow along with you through the many years to come ..... a lifelong friendship and guidance......

As said, this Dragon is carved from the magical PRESELI BLUESTONE, the same stone as where the inner circle of Stonehenge is build. A stone that is only to be found at the Preseli Hills in Pembrokeshire Wales, United Kingdom. 200 miles further than Stonehenge ........

Note: we only work with legally obtained Preseli Bluestone that comes from private grounds at the Preseli Hills! Sources that dry out more and more .....

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