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Pink Ruby Skull.

Pink Ruby Skull.

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Pink Ruby Manus Skull.

Ruby is called the king of precious stones and has been associated with passion and love since time immemorial. Robijn increases prestige and authority, gives power, courage and joy of life. In addition, ruby ​​would protect his carrier against accident.
Ruby works mainly on the blood. It activates the liver to produce blood plasma and regulates blood sugar levels. It prevents anemia and regulates blood pressure. Prevents fatigue and slowness. Robijn reinforces the self-esteem,
it is protective and gives spiritual strength, courage and energy. It is highly activating, motivating and attracts success and prosperity. The stone acts on the heart chakra and stimulates passion, passion, motivation, enthusiasm, spontaneity, sexuality, a positive attitude and abundance. Robijn is strong and protects against psychic attacks and people who take energy away from you. Physically the stone also gives strength and vitality and helps against exhaustion and apathy. It can improve male fertility, libido and potency.

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