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LAKELANDITE Traveller Skull

LAKELANDITE Traveller Skull

15.6 cm
5.8 cm
6.7 cm
795 gram

I came from miles deep underground and it took me a very long time to be created...... I forced myself to the surface of the world, during many² millions of years ..... Although I am not rare, most of my kin still stuck many miles deep underground. Only a few of us made it to the surface of the world. We are alive ..... and so we have a great urge to live in the here and now.

With this strong urge to live, I want to help you forget the greatest darkness in your existence. Help you to regain pleasure in life again. Together with you I want to see the light and make plans for your future. We don't let anything or anyone get in our way!

Together we are strong and we achieve our goals, for now and in the future! Lets go for it!

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