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Isua Tribal Pendant with Greenlandite Slide Bead

Isua Tribal Pendant with Greenlandite Slide Bead

7.8 cm
2.5 cm
0.8 cm
38 gram

Weight is without Greenlandite Slide bead. Slide bead is 2,1 x 1, cm .

Comes with a black adjustable cotton cord, in a representative velvet pouch.

Both Greenlandite and Isua are found in the same erea in Greenland and are about 3.800.000.000 years old! This unique Shamantic pendant combine these two amazing stones, ful of ancient energy and wisdom!

In this time of great transformation, GREENLANDITE helps those who feel that everything is falling apart, that nothing is the same anymore, it brings you back in touch with what is in your heart, what your passions and desires are and how to live them again.

This positive stone reverses negative situations. It calms anger and irritation and helps you to recover emotionally. He also gives resilience after a traumatic experience.

Greenlandite is a stone of love, the Heart chackra, which helps deepen Love and teaches you to love unconditionally.

ISUA as well as GREENLANDITE are the oldest stones on earth surface that can be found. It is about 3.8 billion years old. ( 3.800.000.000 years !!!!!), so only about 700 million years ( 700.000.000) younger than the ‘birth’ of mother earth……

Isua consists of volcanic rock, sediments and iron, and is found in Greenland near the place where Nuummite is found.

Isua is an amazing grounder and helps you to connect deeply with your earthly vessel ….. your body. It enables you to reconnect with the source of life, the source where we all come from….. but best of all, it will help you to re-write your present, by throwing off all the burdened things in life.

Listen to the voice of the past and feel inspired to start of again your new life ….. listen to what this Shaman has got to tell you…..

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