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Isua Pendant

Isua Pendant

6 cm
2.3 cm
2 cm
24 gram

Isua is the oldest stone on earth surface that can be found. It is about 3.8 billion years old. ( 3.800.000.000 years !!!!!), so only about 700 million years ( 700.000.000) younger than the ‘birth’ of mother earth……

Isua consists of volcanic rock, sediments and iron, and is found in Greenland near the place where Nuummite is found.

Isua is an amazing grounder and helps you to connect deeply with your earthly vessel ….. your body. It enables you to reconnect with the source of life, the source where we all come from….. but best of all, it will help you to re-write your present, by throwing off all the burdened things in life.

Listen to the voice of the past and feel inspired to start of again your new life ….. listen to what this Shaman has got to tell you…..

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