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Huge Rainbow Fluorite Traveller Skull ..

Huge Rainbow Fluorite Traveller Skull ..

12,6 cm
32 cm
21,5 cm
12500 gram

Huge Rainbow Fluorite Traveller Skull with Lavender coloured spots .... 12.5 kilo / 27.5 Lb !!

Fluorite is protective, cleansing and stabilizing. It absorbs negative energy from the energy field and protects against negative energy, radiation from for example mobile phones and computers and other negative external influences. In addition, it clears the aura of attachments in the form of, for example, entities or energetic lines with people who are not good to you. Fluorite also brightens the head and reduces mental noise. It improves the concentration, the memory, the processing of information and the integration of knowledge and is therefore ideally a stone for study, exams and learning disabilities such as dyslexia. It balances the mind and reduces stress, anxiety, tension and helps break mental and creative blockages. Because it sharpens the mind and inhibits the flow of thoughts, it is also a good stone to support meditation. 

In addition to the general properties of fluorite, rainbow fluorite protects against psychic attacks, over stimulation and the energy of others people. It calms the mind, gives a safe feeling, makes it flexible and open. It gives you confidence and helps you to take control and responsibility about your life and to develop yourself.

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