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Huge Nuummite Skull ....

Huge Nuummite Skull ....

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10,8 cm
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10,8 cm
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Huge Nuummite Skull, by far the largest Nuummite Skull I carved so far. It is carved out of the best Nuummite to be found ..... although very² hard to find, and not be mistaken with the so called Nuummite from India or cheaper variants.

Nuummite, also known as Socerers stone, comes from Greenland (Nuuk). This rare stone is a powerful protector against many forms of negativity and gives you optimum protection. Nuummite is one of the oldest minerals on Earth, at least 3 billion years old!

Nuummite is the stone of the inner power and comes from the deepest aspect of the earth element, which draws on the fiery energies of the earth core. Nuummite can connect us with the intensity of inner power. It helps the magician to master himself. It takes you to the deepest depths in your psyche ... It goes beyond the fears, traumas, guilt and shame. It allows you to look at your own shadow sides in Love and embrace them, allowing them to integrate into your own existence in Light and in harmony. The conflicting aspects of your existence are healed in Love.

Nuummite is the shaman stone, which enables you to get a clear view of yourself through rituals. It is able to bring you into other states of consciousness ... ... strengthen your clairvoyant and psychic abilities. Gives you images and insights into parallel lives. It is a beautiful stone to meditate with, with which you can open inner gates.

Nuummite symbolizes the conquest of your inner power, the mastery of yourself and the magic of manifestation in this material life. The transformation (!)

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