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Hematoid Quartz Agnetite Skull

Hematoid Quartz Agnetite Skull

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6.5 cm
3.1 cm
8.5 cm
267 gram

Hematite quartz has a grounding, harmonizing and protective effect.

It strengthens willpower, self-esteem and gives you the urge to survive. He helps you not to give up, is uplifting and shows you the positive aspects of life. An excellent stone against depression.

In addition, this new age stone activates the DNA in your cells, causing them to rejuvenate and renew and activating the original blueprint of your DNA. Like the Golden healer, it is a powerful healer with soft, peaceful energy. This soft energy is easy to feel and very accessible. Healers worldwide often use this stone for healing. It has a cleansing, grounding effect and it promotes the flow of energy and clears blockages. Just like the Golden Healer, the red healer is a real New Age crystal. An excellent stone against insomnia.

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