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Greenlandite Pendant on silver clasp

Greenlandite Pendant on silver clasp

4.5 cm
1.3 cm
2.1 cm
14 gram

Weight is without glasp.

Greenlandite brings peace, let go of unrest. Soft stone that eases pain in the heart. For those who have experienced many negativety in a short time. Ideal against stressful situations. Gives peace of mind, perfect stone against worrying, to tackle heavy blockages that are stuck.

This positive stone reverses negative situations. Greenlandite facilitates astral travel, opens intuition and shows what is needed in your life to grow the soul. It calms anger and irritation and helps you recover emotionally. He also gives resilience after a traumatic experience. It gives you a sense of well-being and connects you to the wisdom of the universe. Greenlandite is a stone of love, which helps to deepen love and teach you to love unconditionally. Greenlandite enhances leadership qualities and determination.

Greenlandite is often referred to as "The oldest gemstone in the world". It is about 3.800.000.000 (3 billion) years old, the same age as Isua stone.

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