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Granite Tribal Pendant

Granite Tribal Pendant

8.7 cm
1.3 cm
1.9 cm
32 gram

Large GRANITE Manus PENDANT Tribal Chief Ancestor Guide .....

Granite supports your health, energy and general well-being. It is a strong grounding stone and connects you to your base.

Granite stands for Strength and can be worn as a talisman to strengthen your hair, muscles and bones, but also your own inner motivation! It helps you in your struggle and prevents you from giving up prematurely, it can provide you with extra physical strength reserves. Granite is a popular stone among athletes because it increases endurance and prevents you from getting out of breath.

This stone is associated with abundance and protection. A chunk of granite in front of the entrance to your home (or worn as a necklace) can protect you from negative outside influences.

Granite enables people to formulate and adhere to long-term goals (both private and business). As a result, a general insight into one's own life will become visible and form an important part in the Happiness that people can experience in themselves and life. Granite is found worldwide, but that does not mean that the effect is less. With daily use, granite will significantly increase the depth and value of your life and improve your physical condition! Recommended!

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