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Glacierite ~ Blue Ice Stone Tribal Pendant

Glacierite ~ Blue Ice Stone Tribal Pendant

2,3 cm
0,9 cm
4,4 cm
16 gram
I have recently enjoyed working on a newly discovered stone from Indonesia. It is a beautiful fresh blue versus a bright white to black color. The association with a snow glacier is quickly made, which is why it is now popularly called Glacierite, also known as Blue Ice stone. However, it is not yet entirely clear what kind of stone it is and what its origin is. Various stories about this are circulating on the internet. The most common is the story that this is a 'man-made stone'. Personally, I think this is also the case... but what interests me most as a carver is what the metaphysical effect of this stone is. As we already know, the fact that it is a man-made stone does not mean that the effect of the stone is zero. Look at Goldstone, Bismuth, Andara stone, Opalite, Swedish Slag etc.etc.etc.

What immediately struck me when I first encountered this stone was its clear, cheerful vibrating effect... tingling in my hands. With an extremely positive and optimistic feeling ... working strongly on the chakras in the higher regions, from the throat chakra, the Third eye and the Crown chakra, it was immediately opened.

Upon closer acquaintance, it turned out that the stone could easily take you into meditation. It lures you away from your comfort zone. It takes you on a far journey along your various Light Bodies or deep silences of your Being Core. Opens gates that were unopened until recently. It shows you new possibilities…. Connects you to a new reality, makes you receptive to holographic information... Your insights grow at a deeper level and it allows you to understand and put into words this new reality.

But above all, it will protect you at all times during your journey against 'evil' outside influences. This makes Glacierite also extremely suitable to take with you on an Ayahuasca trip, Mushroom or Cacao ceremony. It ensures that you are enriched, but return in wholeness.

Promotes sleep, works well against nightmares ~ restless nights. Promotes and refines clairaudience and clear speech.
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