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Garnet Evolian Skull #32

Garnet Evolian Skull #32

9.4 cm
7.1 cm
6 cm
711 gram

PLEASE NOTE: In order for these Evolian grid to function optimally, only one Evolian per household is available. If you order more than one Evolian, your order will be cancelled by me.

The Evolians – Real Working Skulls

Frequently, a whole column of new Evolians presents itself to the world. And when I say ‘column’, I mean it. Take the magical year 2012: no less than 400 Evolians were born. Also in 2015, 2017, 2019 (Singapore) and 2020 I was struck by an intense work fever and ‘spitted out’ dozens of Evolians. They were promptly adopted by Guardians worldwide. Never one Evolian comes into existence individually. They always appear in groups within a short time period.

The shape

You now probably want to know what an Evolian in fact is! Let me first dwell on their shape, and later I will explain their name. That shape is inspired on the sjamanic Skulls from Mongolia, allegedly several centuries of age. With their large eye sockets and a row of pronounced teeth, they immediately hugely intrigued mee. So, I decided to produce a couple of Skulls that were inspired on them. Well, the consequences were huge, because I could not stop anymore! My first series of Evolians comprised of more than 400 Skulls within a few months. Skulpted from the gorgeous and soft Brazilian Steatite or soapstone, which enables me to ‘sketch’ them. Precisely by working at lightning speed and embracing every ‘incident’ like a tooth that chips off or a sudden variation in the form, a huge variety arises within the theme. Next to that, the Evolians are characterized by the enormous parabolic ‘eyes’, the strange proportion between the standing upper side (eyes) and the lying base (teeth) and also the great variety in size: from as small as a pebble to tens of kilograms.

The namen

Evolians are real work-Skulls. They help you to evolve, hence their name! And they appear in the world at junctures in time, when evolution is both essential and relatively easy. No wonder that at the moment I am producing Evolians at full speed.

Working with an Evolian, you first consider yourself and your situation. Look closely into 'your' Evolian's parabolic eyes and blow very gently. Your own etheric energy comes back to you through that parabolic mirror. This gives you a clearer picture of where you stand and who you are. The Evolian is not only your mirror, but also helps you to interpret and above all: to look wider. Because his parabolas also take your environment with them in the reflection, they look wider than you can see yourself.

Natural way

The next step is even more important in helping you with your evolution. And that is: breathe into the Evolian from your intention. A real intention is when you look at your future as if it is energetically already here. You feel that your 'next me' only has to descend and you know deep down that it will do so. Then there arises an attraction, a gravity from that next self that allows your development to go there in a natural way. Letting your etheric energy come back to you through your Evolian with such a clear intention, gives you overview, insight and power.

Evolian grid

Does this sum up the effect of the Evolians? No, because they don’t appear into the world as a group for nothing! Each series of Evolians has certain characteristics that are unique and come with their own group intention and field of work. Characteristics in their shape, as in the current series with their 'skin' which is different from previous series. But also in their relationship with the juncture of time in which they appear. The Evolians then spread across the world, energizing their Guardians with their young and powerful energy. ‘Come on, get to work, achieve what you want to achieve!' This group of stimulated Guardians then gets to work – simultaneously. This creates a grid consisting of Evolians and associated Guardians. A grid that expands the field and further supports the individual work of each keeper. Pure power!

One per person

In order for these Evolian grids to function optimally, only one Evolian per Guardian is available. More Evolians are of no use to the person and result in a smaller grid. There is also the right Evolian for everyone. It may be that you would like to take your Evolian with you and therefore opt for a small one. Or you don't have much money right now (let your Evolian help you toward more abundance!). It is also possible that you feel attracted to a Monumental Evolian, for example because you are working on a large-scale development. And everything in between: the Evolians come in all shapes and sizes and therefore prices.

So, do you want to get started? Your Evolian is ready for you!

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