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Frosterley Marble Conehead Skull

Frosterley Marble Conehead Skull

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A 325 million years old limestone filled with fossil corals!

Often used for church decorations even as early as the middle ages.

Frosterley Marble is a layer of dark grey limestone which contains beautiful fossils of the extinct solitary coral Dibunophyllum bipartitum. These creatures had curved hornshaped skeletons and tentacles which filtered out particles of organic matter from the seawater. When they died, their skeletons collected on the sea floor and were covered by limy ooze which hardened into dark grey limestone.

The corals are now visible as white shapes which show the internal structure of their skeletons in intricate detail.

Frosterley Marble improves our psychic and telepathic abilities. It is excellent to use in meditation which helps us to enter deeper meditation and dive into our historical origins of harmony, peace and quiet. Taking a Frostereley Marble Skull or Dragon to bed will increase your chances of lucid dreams and make dreams easier to remember. Forstereley Marble Dragons and Skulls are excellent protectors in many areas.

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