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Eudialyte (Russia) Skull

Eudialyte (Russia) Skull

11.9 cm
8.9 cm
9.8 cm
1218 gram

Eudialyte increases your personal strength, energy and self-confidence and helps you to accept yourself as you are. Depression, traumas and negative emotions such as jealousy, hatred, aggression and resentment are reduced and eliminates underlying negative emotions. It promotes forgiveness and acceptance (especially from yourself) and helps you learn from your mistakes instead of feeling guilty about them. It supports major changes and encourages personal growth and self-expression. Physically, Eudialyte stimulates the self-healing capacity of the body and has a positive effect on fatigue and exhaustion. Eudialyte can heal a broken heart.

This stone helps you to get a better picture of the talents with which you came to earth and helps to express them. Eudialyte helps you to overcome your fears and doubts about yourself. Eudialyte gives personal power, with a lot of life force!

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