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Cuprite Skull

Cuprite Skull

6.3 cm
1.9 cm
5.2 cm
115 gram

CUPRITE Copper (from the Bisbee pit Arizona US) with traces of MALACHITE Manus Skull.

Cuprite is a stunning stone that will help you against serious problems such as healing issues, and irrational fears, even the fears from past lives. It helps you to overcome problems with father, guru, teacher or other authorities past or present and lifts strict control. Cuprite strengthens the will and encourages you to take responsibility. This stone gives vitality and strength and offers support in the event of an incurable disease.
The energy of cuprite is pure life energy and has a strong connection with the nourishing feminine primal energy.
Through the blood, the life force penetrates the cells of the body, rejuvenating and restoring normal functioning. Cuprite calms the mind in worrisome situations. It is very powerful and healing on the first chakra and helps prana (Kundalini) flow abundantly. Cuprite brings divine energies from the inner world to manifestation in the outer world, by stimulating your creativity.

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