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Connemara Marble Skull

Connemara Marble Skull

18.5 cm
9 cm
10.6 cm
2140 gram

Irish Connemara Marble Manus Skull ....

Connemara marble is one of the rarest and oldest sorts of marble, formed over 500 million years ago. It is named after the location where it’s mined Connemara, that is located in the western part of the Irish county of Galway, Ireland. It has a great scale of different green color, from ultra light green (white) up to very dark green (black).

It is being mined on a very small scale since the beginning of the 19th century. Often used for house decoration and small gifts like ashtrays and jewelry …. Often used as gifts, for it stands for friendship, loyalty and good luck!

I am so pleased I had the opportunity to get myself some (old stock) Connemara roughs, and must say its fab to carve and indeed it does ease your mind. For its said it does clear your mind from worries and make way to a new happy and bright future!!

All my Art-work one of a kind ..... no reproductions are made .... so the pictures show you what you get.

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