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Aragonite Nodul Skull

Aragonite Nodul Skull

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455 gram

Large ARAGONITE Nodul Manus SKULL ...... from Austria ....

Aragonite is a particularly fine grounding and warming limestone. In the physical field, Aragnonite has a positive influence on the healing of joint inflammations and calcium absorption. It has a favorable effect on the circulation of tissues and supports digestion and the immune system.

Aragonite is a stone that makes you happy but above all quiet in your head. It is a very nice stone to carry with you if you have a lot of (work-related) stress. Aragonite is also a pleasant stone for very sensitive people because it works strongly earthing, stabilizing and calming. Aragonite keeps you close to yourself and supports in spiritual and spiritual development.

In the spiritual field, Aragonite helps you discover your task here on earth and allows your creativity to flow. It stabilizes your Root Chakra and brings you into contact with your inner source.

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