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Amber Skull

Amber Skull

6.4 cm
2.4 cm
4.8 cm
46 gram

Indonesian Amber Skull........ sucs away all negative energy ...

Amber stone is actually not a real stone. It is an ancient resin (30-60 million years) that hardened with age. Sometimes seeds, flies and other insects were embedded in the resin.
Amber brings out very old knowledge and wisdom in you.
Amber has a cleansing and protective effect. The powerful yet gentle energy of this stone brings balance to the (energy) body and helps to reduce negative emotions and emotional and physical pain. It makes you happy, stable and resilient and gives you self-confidence. Amber gives a helping hand when things go a bit less and can also support stress, depressive and suicidal feelings and other mood disorders. It can accelerate wound healing and relieve teeth eruption in children. In addition, amber is also a very suitable stone for dogs because it is good against ticks and fleas and can give anxious dogs some more self-confidence.

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