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Amazonite Skull

Amazonite Skull

6.2 cm
4.4 cm
7.1 cm
254 gram

AMAZONITE closed eyes Manus SKULL ....... Carved out of a rough chunck of Tanzanian Amazonite ......

Amazonite is protective, brings balance and harmony. It protects against various harmful external influences such as electromagnetic radiation (from mobile phones, computers and the like), environmental pollution, chemicals and water veins. It also protects against over stimulation and can be supportive for highly sensitive or highly sensitive people and children. With the additional Schorl its even more protective!

The stone helps to find the emotional balance in mood swings, helps reduce negative emotions such as anxiety, anger, grief and worry and has a positive effect on depression and bipolar disorders. It supports trauma, heartbreak and the loss of loved ones and it brings together sense and feeling in harmony. It helps you take steps back in the right direction, tackle your problems and come to yourself if you feel stuck or if your situation seems hopeless.

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