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Aegirine Skull

Aegirine Skull

5 cm
3.6 cm
7 cm
247 gram

Rare Aegirine Manus Skull ....

Aegirien is a very powerful cleansing and protective stone. It is said to help with strength and endurance, clear mental blocks, and promote creativity. Aegirine provides you with a good grounding, it purifies the body and the aura of energy that does not belong there and drains it through the earth. In this way, the stone also removes entities that are attached to you, the energy of curses and black magic and negative karmic family energies. It is also believed to help align the physical and spiritual bodies. Aegirien protects against envy and jealousy, black magic and radiation. It gives you the strength and confidence to be yourself and it teaches you to live more from your heart. This makes it a good stone to develop yourself, also spiritually and creatively, especially if there are still many obstacles in your path.

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