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1th. Skulpture 2023 Sodalite Dog Dragon

1th. Skulpture 2023 Sodalite Dog Dragon

28 cm
23 cm
16.5 cm
6015 gram

This is my very first Skulpture I carved this New Year ..... A deep blue Sodalite Dragon Dog ..... at least, that what it looks like to me. As always, not planned in advance .... but given during carving ... for me it stands for loyalty and being a humble friendship. A guidance for us all ...

Sodalite gives you insight into yourself and helps you to be true to yourself. It promotes self-acceptance, self-respect and self-confidence. It promotes the desire for freedom, idealism, truth and expressing your opinion and feelings.
The stone protects against electromagnetic radiation from, for example, computers and mobile phones and stimulates deep, insightful meditation. Sodalite can also be used well in a group to strengthen harmony, trust and solidarity.
Sodalite is a suitable stone for those who are at the beginning of their spiritual search. This Dragon supports you in your search for your own paranormal qualities and provides you with personal spiritual insights....... and lots² more! ☺

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