The Path and the Fields

The Path and the Fields

My life so far can be divided in periods of roughly seven years. The path I've walked, consists of quite a few turns and these seven-odd-year life fields seem to have little to do with each other. Nothing is less true! It took me all those periods to be able to make what I'm making now.


I was born in Indonesia to an Indonesian father and a Dutch mother. And I was born 'with the helmet'. According to an ancient tradition, this is an indication that I have a psychic abilities. This was especially important in Indonesia, where the spirit world is strongly intertwined with daily life. Indonesia is the country where my sensitivity comes from and has been recognized and recognized from an early age.

Look beyond

Due to my father's work, I lived in many places in the world during my youth: besides Indonesia also in the USA and Belgium. But I spent a large part of my youth in the Netherlands, where I have lived from seven years onward. Looking beyond what’s in front of you and dealing smoothly with different locations and cultures, was therefore an early skill.


After high school, I followed an education that combined the creative with the practical: the training 'teacher of drawing and crafts'. Teaching thereafter became my profession. Not in the arts, but to children with learning and parenting difficulties. I learned there that there is a lot of diversity in origin and I saw home situations that were beyond my imagination. It has taught me to look sharply at the person in front of me: where do you stand in life, what can you learn and how can I guide you in this? In fact, I still do the same with my Skulptures, which help their Guardians to evolve – whatever their situation.


Already during my work as a teacher, I was involved in the import of Jukeboxes and other vintage American memorabilia from America. In my next field of life, I owned an antique and curio shop for several years. That taught me to pay close attention to 'value'. What is something worth to me (purchase) and then to someone else (sale)? And how can I determine my own value as a trader within that? No longer a helper for others, but presenting myself as 'of value' in the whole. It also sharpened my instinct to find materials of value, resulting in my current unique collection of stone types.

Psychic Abilities

The next stage was the maturing of my very first talent: psychic abilities. As a spiritual medium I was able to help many people in their development. I also helped many to develop their own mediumistic talents and gifts in my Mediumship & Intuition Training. That's where the previous fields on my path came together: being able to see people as they are, consider the truth in and around them, help people in their development and let them find themselves. My entrepreneurial experiences also came in handy to build a beautiful spiritual center.


After these very intense years, I was led through life to my current field: being a Skulptor. In this life field, I can reach even more people using all the previous knowledge, skills and experience. When I work, I am the medium: I enter a trance and the Skulpture arises by itself. Subsequently my Skulls, Dragons and Power Pendants find their way to the Guardian that benefits the most from them in his or her development. My Skulptures are made from the most special types of stone and these stones find the best expression of their frequency in the particular Skulpture. There are now thousands of them, working all over the world.


Looking back, around and within me, I can with great satisfaction and gratitude establish that I can fully commit myself to as many people as possible, express myself fully creatively and lead a full life as a complete person. Every field has been indispensable, my path has been tortuous, but looking back 100% right.

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