Read this First: Good to Know about Manus-Skulptures

Read this First: Good to Know about Manus-Skulptures

In this blog you will find some practical Manus information, so that you know what is possible and where you stand.

I work intuitively

I work very intuitively and 100% in the NOW. I don't know in advance what I'm going to create or what kind of stone I will choose. Often even DURING the process I don't even know what I'm creating. What started as a Skull can easily become a Dragon, and vice versa. In this way I completely surrender to my right hemisphere and a process can arise in which the invisible world becomes visible.

No commissioned work

Precisely because I work so intuitively in the NOW, I don’t take assignments. For me, working on commission is an attack on my creative process.

However, you can leave a message using the contact form and indicate what kind of Skull or Dragon (and type of stone) you are looking for. I then put this on a 'general wish list', which could inspire me. I deliberately make no promises; this means your wish could be created next week, or in a month, a year, two years… or maybe never. But you are free to express your wish! Should your wish be fulfilled, you will see the Skulpture appear on this site. I will not give notice that it is in the webshop. You will therefore have to check my website regularly.

I don't communicate about my work

My work is 'Skulpting' and not 'writing or chatting about Skulls and Dragons'. This means I don't correspond about my work. I also do not answer technical questions about sculpting. I don't have time for that and moreover I have spent many years developing the techniques that lead to the best Skulptures and that is my secret recipe.

In all phases I work alone

From the rough stone to the end product, from the very first sketch to the final polishing: I do everything myself. I am the only one who has held the stone from the beginning to the end. And if you become the Guardian, then you are the second one! This is in contrast to many other producers of crystal skulls, which sometimes have entire production lines or workshops.

Signed and unsigned

In 2010 I started with Skulptures, but I only started signing from 1 January 2017.

I searched for a long time for the right signature for my work, without putting in too much of my own energy. The solution lay right in front of me: the initials of my name Ivo Manus are 'I.M.', which you pronounce it as… I Am. The most powerful affirmation that the Skulpture stands for. Being who you are, the most beautiful gift you can give yourself in your life. Your Skull, Dragon or Power Pendant will help you with that!

At first, I signed with 'im' and from March 1, 2021 onwards I write it in capital letters 'IM'. That was the date of my move to my current place where I can fully be who I Am. In special cases I also sign the year of Skulpting.

Do you have an unsigned Skull and do you want to be sure that it is a real Manus Skull? Look it up in the Heritage database on this website!

Heritage info

I am currently busy populating the Heritage database. Not a small job with several thousand Skulptures! Take a look around and enjoy, but I'm not able to correspond with you about the Skulptures in the database. I also do not accept requests to copy older work of mine.

There are several groups on Facebook on which Pre-Loved Manus Skulls are regularly offered.

Pricing and shipping

I ship worldwide for FREE, including tracking and insurance! To do this properly and safely, I use a courier service that ships worldwide with the lines of DHL and Fedex.

Most Monumentals are an exception to this rule. The shipping costs of the Monumentals are determined by their size and weight and by the country to which they are to be shipped. Collecting in person, is my preference concerning the Monumentals.

The prices are shown exclusive of VAT, are the prices that customers living outside of Europe have to pay. Be aware that you may have to pay import duties for your Skulpture. These are for your account, so inform in advance. The site also offers you the option to pay in $US or £UK.

If you live in the EU, then when you are logged in you will immediately see the article including the VAT that applies to your country. This is the amount that you have to pay at check-out.

I ship once a week

To be able to ship for free, I have to ship in bulk. Individual shipping is many times more expensive. That is why I usually ship once a week and if the number of Skulptures is too low, once every two weeks. You will always be notified when your Skulpture is on its way, along with the tracking number.

Shipping with DHL takes an average of 2-3 weeks worldwide. Orders above € 500, - I ship with Fedex, which takes one week on average.

Within the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany I usually ship with PostNL.

No discounts

All prices of my work are fixed, regardless of the number of Skulptures you order at once. I also do not offer merchant prices. My biggest challenge is not to sell my Skulptures, but to keep my stock at a healthy level.

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