How the Stone Works

How the Stone Works

I have around 200 different stone types in stock and have worked with each stone several times. That means I know the stones 'from the inside'. Besides the differences in how they should be worked on and polished, there are also the differences in their metaphysical functioning. The entire internet is full of the metaphysical meaning and functioning of stone types and I too give some information about the general functioning of the stone.

Judge for yourself

What's on those websites and what's written in the books are the experiences of others—myself included. The main theme is correct, but it is mainly the subtle specific effects, the 'click' with you and where you stand in your life, which only you can judge for yourself. What is a pleasant feeling for one person may not be so for another. I think it is important that you start to feel for yourself what the stone does for you.


I work exactly like that too. When I start Skulpting, I never consciously think about how a stone type works. What I do when I enter my studio in the morning is this: I pick up a stone purely by feeling and start working on it without thinking any further. And that always turns out to be exactly the stone I needed at that moment to express myself. My unconscious antenna is well developed in that regard.


The effect of the stone can be very radical. Recently there was an insurance agent with whom I came into conflict. At that moment there was a lot of negativity in and around me. But just on the same day a nice batch of amber arrived, which I immediately started working with. I noticed that this made me calmer and less angry. Indeed, amber is known as a stone that takes away negative charges in you. But I didn't take that rock because I know that, I took it because it felt right. Because I felt like doing so. And so every stone that I 'feel like' is the right one to work with at that moment.

Right choice

That is not only nice for me, but also for the Guardians of my Skulptures and Power Pendants. Because the click I have in the loving relationship with the stone at that moment, I express in my SKulpture. I anchor that in how the stone expresses itself from now on as a SKulpture. This greatly enhances the effect of the stone, in such a way that you can even feel from the photos whether this Skulpture in this stone is the right choice for you. Choose intuitively, and it always goes well. The constant stream of happy reactions when people receive and connect with my Skulptures, speaks volumes in that regard.

Multiple stones

As many types of stone as I have, few people will have access to and they don't have to. But if you work with Skulls of Dragons, and especially with Pendant Power Tools that you hang around your neck, I recommend taking multiple stone types under your guard. Because one day you can benefit more from this type of stone and the next day from another. Then it is good to have a choice. It can even work against you at some point if you always have the same type of stone hanging around your neck. This can be the case with Preseli Bluestone, for example, as I have experienced myself and also hear from others. Preseli Bluestone is a fantastic helper and inspirer, but it is also so powerful that you sometimes get 'tired'. Or you have become so used to it that you are no longer even aware of its special effect.

Be alert to that and from time to time put on another stone. Then both you and your pendant can charge. And when you put it on after a while, you immediately recognize its specific qualities again and you can enjoy it to the fullest.


The more you work with different types of stone, the more sensitive you will become and the more you will benefit from it. And you will unconsciously choose the right stone for the right time, more and more often! I wish you a nice relationship with your Power Pendant or Skulpture.

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