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XXXL Preseli Bluestone Master 'Spiral' Skull

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I am so very pleased to present to you yet another large Preseli Bluestone Skull. It always take me a lot of time, Love and effort to produce a Skull of this scale. That's why they come out rarely .....

But here it is ..... my beautiful balanced 'Spiral' Master Skull, carved out of the best quality of Preseli Bluestone you can get. Stunning white spots all over......

From out of its third-eye some sort of suture line comes out and creates a Spiral on the back of the Skull.

It shines well polished ready for its task to bring you back in balance, after which it can take you in a deep trance of travel, to the past of your ancestors and the future of Galactic travels.

Its signed  ' I M ' '18.

All my Dragons and Skulls are one of a kind ..... no reproductions are made .... so the pictures show you what you get.
If you do need more (detailed) pictures, please contact me and I will send them to you. I am always open to questions......

16 cm (6¼") wide

30 cm (12")  tall

22 cm (8½") high

Weights 16,1 kg  (35.5 Lb)

Dozens of stones I’ve explored and carved, loads of them I Love …… but there is no stone like the PRESELI BLUESTONE from the Preseli hills of Pembrokeshire, Wales, United Kingdom. For most of us it’s well known as the ‘Stonehenge stone’ for the inner circle of this megalithic monument of the young Stone Age is proven to be mined 200 miles away ……..
The BIG question is Why? …… Why bother moving multi-ton stones, if there are other stones to be found closer by? ……. There must be something about this stone ……

I found out about them a while ago …… it’s one of the hardest stones (7½ on the scale of Mohs)) I have ever worked with …. And yet, when I am in a good trance …… I can carve it as it was to be a packet of butter ….
It’s the BEST grounder I have ever came across and yet it can connect you with the past (ancestors) , the ley lines, the future, the galactic world …….. and let’s not forget ….. it is a Great healer as well ….. I am convinced that there is much more to be explored about this wonderful, magical dolerite ……
Make sure you tried and experienced some of this extraordinary stone….. large or small …. It does not really matter, its magic is to be felt anyway!
To me it is most and for all a Great inspiration for my Art work …

… hope you like it!!


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