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White ALABASTER Manus SKULL ..... 2020 .... NEW !!!

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Today I finished my last Skull of this year 2020… 
A white Alabaster Skull ……
After this eventful year 2020, nothing will be the same again for us humans worldwide. Humanity as a whole is awake, we are all forced to think. What has been hell for one person has turned out to be an advantage for another…. Rarely has humanity been tackled so globally ……
The many suffering will have to be given a place… on a way to better times…. A period will have to be bridged.

Alabaster has been the stone of the bridging since ancient times… the ancient Egyptians made use of Alabaster to express their Gods and loved ones.
The stone that connects the present and a new future, from the visible to the invisible. From one dimension to another ……
Like a magnet Alabaster attracts the new and repels what is no longer of use to us. It is the symbol of innocence and purity and gives us the feeling of Peace and security. It connects us to our pure core of the Universal Light .....

In short .... a Manus Skull in a stone worthy to say goodbye to an eventful year in a suitable way …….

White Alabaster Skull 2020
# 1246
13.4 cm wide
19.5 cm long
17 cm tall

Weighs 5195 grams

€ 999,- (Worldwide insured and tracked Shipping included)

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