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VICTORITE Skull ....

Regular price €187.00
6.1 cm wide x 6.8 cm long x 6.2 cm tall
Weights 320 gram
€ 187,00 (= with FREE worldwide tracked and insured shipping!)

Victorite is a combination of red, violet Spinel with black Biotite and Snow Quartz that has a very vitalising effect. Spinel renews energy, encourages you in difficult circumstances and rejuvenates. He brings you into contact with your soul and helps you to find the goal in your life. This unique combination protects you spiritually but also gives your life direction, while also anchoring your light body in the physical dimension. It revitalizes and gives balance to the body and is good for the reproductive organs. He also helps you recover from traumas.

All my of my work is one of a kind ..... no reproductions are made .... so the pictures show you exact the one you get.

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