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Un-spotted PRESELI BLUESTONE Spiral SKULL .... NEW!!

Regular price €441.00

Beautiful deep green un-spotted PRESELI BLUESTONE Manus SKULL .... with large spiral on top ....

7.5 cm wide

11.5 cm long

8.2 cm tall

Weighs 1378 gram

€ 441,- (FREE worldwide shipping, tracked and insured)

The Spiral is a universal symbol for the way into yourself, moving up to the core, as the same way out …. the way of expression. It symbolises the process of life, the circle of life. To get in contact with yourself and release, live life in a flow …. A symbol of growth, to be reborn …. A deeper link with ancient druids. Combined with the Preseli Bluestone you get yourself a deeper connected artefact with all deeper natural laws of life.

Most of us know the Preseli Bluestone with the white spots, the ones we meet at the inner circle of Stonehenge. But this Bluestone comes without any white spots.
I have been working with this variant for a while and I must say that this un-spotted Bluestone sure is special! Basically they both do the same job, but to me it feels even stronger than the spotted; more grounded, focussed and protecting .......

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