Manus Art


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Large Super Seven Manus Alien Skull ......

10.2 cm wide
9.9 cm long
7.9 cm tall

Weights 882 gram
€ 444,00 (= with FREE worldwide shipping!)

Super seven has a strong transforming effect. It promotes personal and spiritual development, increases spiritual skills and knowledge and strengthens intuition. The stone acts as a kind of antenna for energy and creates a bridge between you and your guides and light beings, other worlds and dimensions, sources of spiritual knowledge, past lives and all the energies here on earth. In addition, it opens and activates all chakras and thus increases your spiritual talents and skills (such as your abilities as healer, clairvoyance, telepathy) or takes them to the next level. Super seven can be used well during a meditation or shamanic journey or another situation where you are open to receiving knowledge, insights and spiritual guidance.

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