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STUNNING huge GARNET Skull.... over 5 kilo

Regular price €3,250.00

This is a stunning, never seen Garnet Manus Skull with a huge weights of just a little over 5 kilo (over 11 Lb) !! One of the hardest stones to carve (!!)

The garnet is a gem with tradition, which has long been appreciated as a piece of jewelry by various cultures worldwide.
Garnet is the perfect stone for crisis situations and situations where life seems hopeless. The stone gives strength, energy, perseverance, endurance, self-confidence, willpower and vitality. Inspires love and dedication. It is a stone of commitment; a friendship stone. It promotes hope, courage, optimism, zest for life, decisiveness and the urge to survive.

Don't let go of this Master piece .... because you will not find another one like this Beauty!

11,2 cm wide

18 cm long

11 cm tall

Weights  5 kilo  

€ 3.250,00



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