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SHATTUCKITE  Manus Skull ....

6.9 cm wide
11.3 cm  long
6.8 cm  tall

Weights 735 gram

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Shattuckite is a stone for connection to your inner source. The stone helps you to understand and transfer information from the spirit world. You are better able to receive messages from guides ~ angels and it promotes communication with deceased loved ones. If you want to work as a medium, shattuckite is an ideal stone to help you with that. The stone vibrates in the tone of "the truth", so that you can check whether your interpretation of the messages you get is "correct".
The stone further stimulates the throat chakra and thereby increases your communication skills. This feature makes the stone extremely suitable for teachers, lawyers, presenters, speakers and others for whom communication is important in their work.
Shattuckite is connected to the heart chakra, throat chakra and the forehead chakra (third eye). The stone calms judgmental thoughts, defensive comments or aggressive conversations so that there is room to first think about what you want to say and whether it fits with the values ​​and norms that you want to convey.

All my artwork is one of a kind ..... no reproductions are made .... so the pictures show you what you get.

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