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Traveller RUBY in FUCHSITE Manus Skull ..... 

4,3 cm wide
10,1 cm deep
4,5 cm tall

Weights 258 gram

€ 222,00 (FREE worldwide shipping!)

Ruby in Fuchsite is a very interesting combination stone. Ruby is a stone that gives strength and energy and stands for passion. Fuchsite is a more insightful stone and strengthens your sense of self-worth and independence. Fuchsite provides relaxation and makes you less critical about yourself. At the same time Fuchsiet also strengthens the Ruby and that makes this combination so interesting.

Ruby in Fuchsite is a stone that dissipates negative energies and returns positivity. It helps you break negative spirals and lets you see that you have to choose for yourself. It ensures that you take on a victim role less quickly. It is a stone that protects you against people who empty you energetically and thus helps you against depletion. Ruby gives strength and energy and promotes a clear and sharp view of things. You can see things easier from a helicopter view and you are less likely to get busy about things and make things easier as they are. Ruby in Fuchsite is really a stone that makes you resilient, even under difficult circumstances.

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